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Food Fighters is a unique program using a Martial Arts based approach to food and nutrition in a classroom program.

Leah Korger was a FoodCorps of Connecticut Service Member at Norwich Public Schools that too her Martial Arts training and concepts and turned it into a program to engage students with their food in a unique, resourceful and entertaining way.

"Welcome Food Fighter Families"

Your son or daughter is about to embark on a journey through the world of food – martial arts style. The goal of this program is to build food and garden literacy while sparking critical thinking and developing a sense of responsibility and service to the world around us. Students will learn how to build community through a hands-on curriculum focused on three pillars: cooking skills, food and nutrition knowledge, and garden experience.

To further engage your children, the program is styled after martial arts training. The kitchen and the garden will be the student’s dojo, and the instructor models behavior of a sensei. As students learn skills they are awarded belts and progress up the belt system until they graduate with a black belt.

Some topics we will be covering are: Cultural Food Traditions, Food Safety, Nutrient Density, Recipe Reading, Recipe Creativity, Whole Grains, Sugar, Seasonality, How is butter made? Vermicomposting, Plant Parts, Soil, Garden Planning and more.

Download lesson plans for ideas! See below