Produce Posters and Stickers

Pick Up:  Posters (13" x 19") are intended for food service directors and other farm-to-school stakeholders. You can pick up a set of 4 posters (1 of each product) from  Monica Pacheco, R.D. at the Connecticut State Department of Education, Phone: (860) 807-2073 or

Print Your Own: Click on each poster to print 11" x 17" version


2" x 2" Click on each sticker to download and order from your printer. Artwork is 300 dpi and may be used for other promotional items (aprons, hats, cups, buttons, etc)

Sticker Sheets

8.5" x 11"

Print your own sticker sheets on Avery Labels # U431 Click on each file to download.

Use your own Priniting Service or Facilities or Choose from one of these options:

Activity Sheets

Start a discussion about these fruits and vegetables in the classroom. Click pictures to download