Put CT Grown On Your Tray

Put CT Grown On Your Tray works with School Food Service Directors to support them with ways to incorporate local produce into school meal programs.

Produce Posters

Engage your students with fun posters that are sure to make them talk about local fruits and veggies! Display all four in your cafeteria or other eating areas. Use a sticker to add your own logo in the bottom right hand space provided. Pick up your own set of four or order your own. Click HERE for information.


Life-Size Farmer Cut-outs

Local farmers are our heroes!

Learn how to feature your local farmers and have them greet your students as a life-sized cardboard portrait in your school cafeteria. Change messages  on the tray by simply printing out your message on an 8.5”x 11” paper and place in the tray area! Get creative!

Find out how to order your own Life-size cut-outs HERE

Recipe PowerPoints: Using CT Produce at it's Best

Teach your staff step-by-step instructions on using local produce in your school meal plans.  Design your own powerpoint using the blank template below.  We've created three model powerpoints to illustrate how easy it is!  (These recipes have been used with permission from VT Feed's New School Cuisine: Nutritious and Seasonal Recipes for School Cooks by School Cooks)

Try out these model recipes and download the Powerpoints HERE


Kale Chips


Download an 8.5 x 11 sign to use

Click on the image to download