Norwich Processing Center

Norwich Public Schools recieved a USDA Grant to install a state-of-the-art processing kitchen and capture the nutrients and flavors of fresh produce at it's peak.

In 2013 the staff of Norwich Public Schools (NPS) Food Service Program launched an initiative to increase student consumption of local produce.


In the past, NPS purchasing of vegetables from local farmers has been

sporadic and occurs only when farmers approach the district. The Norwich School Food Service Department wanted to develop a better process and create the infrastructure for local produce procurement. It was determined that a produce processing kitchen and a system for processing was needed.


The CT Department of Agriculture Viability Grant opportunity made this possible. In Spring of 2013, Norwich Public Schools were awarded a grant of $49,999 with a commitment for 100% matching funds from the school district to create and institute a processing kitchen in one of its schools. That school would act as the central processing kitchen for others schools within the district. The project was conducted in two phases and with support of local and state partners.


The processing kitchen stands today as as a fully functioning operation to semi-process fresh produce from local farmers and distribute to schools throughout the district to help introduce and increase consumption of local produce.

For a complete report on the Norwich Processing Kitchen's Grant initiaive click HERE

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