Start with half a cup

Find ways to encourage children to add a half a cup of fruits and vegetables to every meal!

Award Winning Ellie Project “Call Me Ellie!”

Follow the adventures of Ellie, the fruit and vegetable loving Black Lab as she teaches children how to try new things and add them to their plate! An interactive teaching guide with a proven record of increasing the choices children put on their plates.

Farm To Fundraiser

Healthy choice ideas for fundraisers that replace the fundraisers of past with ideas of networking with local farms to promote healthy choices and support local business and agriculture.

Food Processing ~ Norwich Public Schools

With the assistance of a USDA Grant, a large kitchen turns into an amazing Food Processing facility. Working with local farms and producers, fresh local Connecticut produce is processed for immediate and future meals.

Portion Guides

Printable posters for quick reference to display in your prep area. Developed to assist schools in the proper portioning of fresh and fruits and vegetables in School Nutrition Programs.

Put CT Grown On Your Tray

CT On Your Tray works with Food Service Directors to support them with ways to incorporate Local CT Produce into school programs.